Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Before and After....Estate Sale Mirror

I bought this mirror at my Grandfather's estate auction (yes, if we wanted anything, we had to purchase it), and even though I love the shape of it, the color left something to be desired, I thought. Keep in mind that it's not a valuable antique (it's made of plastic), but it is special because of its origin.

So I found this stuff at Hobby Lobby.

It's just a rub-on wax silverleaf. And it was super-cheap...$3.99 I think!

It really was easy to apply...at first I tried using a receiving blanket that I'd cut up into rags, then realized that it was easier to use my finger. About the time that my finger started to get raw from rubbing the silverleafing into all those tiny grooves, I realized that I could mix it with a little paint thinner and apply it with a sponge brush. Bonus!

I'm so, so, so pleased with the way it turned out! I know that my camera is poo and my camera skills are pretty much poo, too, so you can't see how the gold still kind of shines through the silver, which makes it look even more vintage.
Need another view of the before and after?

And after:

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