Thursday, December 16, 2010

Remember These?

Ugh!!! I tried linking this post up to The Graphics Fairy's Brag Monday, and managed to erase it! How frustrating!

These are the printed pillows that I mentioned in an earlier post, no longer just casings but stuffed and pillow-y.

The pillow with the sheet musice cover is printed from The Graphics Fairy's blog. The one that says "Zeno Chewing Gum" is a pencil-rubbed imprint of my Grandpa's antique stick gum machine, and the last one is simply printed using font from Microsoft Word.

They are printed on canvas drop cloth from Lowe's (somewhere aroun $5 for a single drop cloth, which provided enough material for all three pillows.

So sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused in erasing this post!

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  1. These look awesome! I love the third one and want to make it.
    How did you transfer the graphic for the pillow you printed? Did you print it directly onto the fabric?
    Thanks, Becca


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