Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Few of my Favorite Things

I once read that as soon as you have three items that are alike, you have a collection.

I have more than my share of collections, then. ;)

I've told you how I am always drawn to signage...any signage...and all-white pieces do the same thing to me. I love items that are utilitarian and beautiful all at once, and there is something striking about all-white that really speaks to me in its simplicity.

Now, what I have is not pricey. I don't own any major ironstone pieces (a quick story about Mammaw always loved her mother's pink-and-white china, and when her mother passed away, she decided to get rid of her own "china" and use her mother's. I asked her what she did with hers, and she said to me, "Oh, it was just that old ironstone, so I got rid of it." I nearly fell out. Literally, I nearly fell out.) There is only one exception, to my knowledge, to my lack of pricey pieces...I came across one white pitcher at a yard sale at which every single item was 25 cents, so of course I bought it just because I liked the look of it. It had "Hall" imprinted on the bottom, but no date. I looked it up in an antique catalog, and if I have what I think I have, the value was listed as $75. But even if the value is only 25 cents, it doesn't matter, because I love it.

This is just a little arrangement of white pitchers, etc. (two of them are from Ikea, and the others I think I got at a garage sale), that I FINALLY found amongst all the boxes!

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