Saturday, October 20, 2012

How To Fake Mercury Glass

I have been seeing tutorials for how to DIY mercury glass for about a year and a half, I guess, but had never gotten around to doing it. (I read several tutorials but can't find the exact one that helped me figure out how to do it again!) Do you remember that I told you that after I spray-painted my bedside lamps with Krylon Looking Glass, I wanted to spray everything in sight? It's addictive, that stuff.

Our neighborhood had its semi-annual community-wide yard sale a couple of weeks ago, and I picked up these:

I really wanted the idea of the mercury glass to be realistic, so I put a little thought into the shapes of the glass I was choosing...I didn't want to use mason jars, or soda bottles, or anything like that...I didn't want it to look out of place. Just a personal preference.

First I lightly sprayed the inside of the glass with a light coat of the Looking Glass spray, and then while it was still a bit tacky, I VERY lightly sprayed it again using a spray bottle filled with equal parts of vinegar and water. The acid in the vinegar will help eat through the paint (if you overspray, it will remove the paint altogether, and that's not what you want). Then with a paper towel, I blotted the drops of vinegar/water away. I repeated this process about 3 times...sometimes I would blot, and other times I would rub it just a little.

I think I'm going to need juuuuuuust one more.

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