Friday, October 26, 2012

What I Wore (Or It's Been One of Those Days)

I started with this.
Cardigan: gift
Coral top: $4 (F32)
Jeans: already had (F21)
Shoes: already had (Kohl's)
Scarf: handmade

Nope. Need an updated cardi.

So I went to this:

 Blazer: $3.99 (Thrifted)
Coral top: $4 (F21)
Jeans: Already had (F21)
Shoes: Already had (Kohl's)
Scarf: Already had

But I was going to the store, and a blazer was too much. And I've had the scarf forever, and while I like the gray leopard-y print, it's shiny. Anybody know how to distress the shine out of a silky scarf?

Then I wound up with this:

 Excuse the blurriness of the picture. Some days you just can't win. This felt like one of those days!

Military jacket: Hand-me-down (Delia's)
Coral top: $4 (F21)
Jeans: Already had (F21)
Shoes: Already had (Kohl's)
Scarf: Handmade
Bag: 99 cents (Goodwill)

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  1. I love the outfit--very cute!

    1. You're kind! I just felt like I couldn't pull it together, and almost didn't post...but I decided to anyway, as kind of an accountability thing. Arg. I need new clothes. :P Thanks for stopping by!


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