Saturday, October 6, 2012

What I Wore to Go Thrifting

Well, we finally had a cold front move on in! It's so funny to hear how many people here in TX think that we are really having cold weather!! In the Midwest, it would just be considered cool.

My mother is in town visiting this weekend, and since my friend and I had such luck thrifting a few weeks ago, Mother thought it would fun to try our hand at it, too.

It wasn't as successful a trip as before, but I still scored a pair of lamps that I'm hoping to spray with Krylon's Looking Glass. Here's hoping!

Sweater: Hand-me-down
Jeans: Already had (bought at F21 a couple of years ago for $6 during a holiday sale)
Scarf: Already had (bought at Old Navy a couple of years ago for $3.97)
Sandals: $5 (Old Navy, this summer)

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