Monday, December 17, 2012

How I Made a Rosette Necklace

I had someone ask me a while ago for a tutorial on a hot pink rosette necklace that I's taken me a while to get this one up and going, but here it is!

1. I made 5 fabric rosettes.

2. I laid them out in the pattern I wanted on a piece of felt, traced around it, and cut the felt out.

3. I hot-glued the rosettes to the felt backing.

4. I cut two equal lengths of chain (you can buy the chain on a roll like this at Hobby Lobby for around $5...I have made at least four different types of necklaces out of it at this point, and still have plenty left!).

5. To one end of each piece of chain, I attached a jump ring. To one of the jump rings, I attached a lobster claw closure.

6. To attach the chain on each side of the necklace, I pulled the felt backing away from the rosette, put in a drop of hot glue, and sandwiched the chain in between the felt and the fabric.

That's it! See how it looks in an outfit here.


  1. going to try and make one! I purchased a pricey (although cute) one at a craft show.....thanks for the tute!

    1. It takes a little bit of time to make the rosettes, but everything else goes together in a flash! I hope you get to make one!


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