Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I Wore (Or Mixing Up the Freebies)

A sweet girlfriend of mine came up to me at church this Sunday and handed me this lace shirt; she said it didn't fit her and asked if I wanted it. Ummmmm, yes. Since my picture is a little blurry, you can't see how cute it is, unfortunately. And ordinarily, I wouldn't wear both turquoise earrings and a turquoise necklace, but when I put them on, I liked them both so much that I didn't want to take either off. :) Also, you may recognize the pendant on the necklace from another post. Here I just switched it out to a longer chain.

Military jacket: Hand-me-down (Delia's)
Lace top: Gift
Jeans: Already had (F21)
Sandals: Already had (F21)

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  1. Such a cute outfit! i am totally in love with your jacket!

  2. The necklace and earrings totally work together here! Love it!

    1. Thanks!!! I love what you are wearing in your profile picture here...I want it NOW. So classy. :)

  3. OMG - such a cute outfit! I love that military jacket!

  4. Oh - and thank you for linking up!! :)

  5. Thanks for linking up! Your jacket is to die for.

  6. That is a great shirt , I love when someone give me that tells me they thought of me. Your outfit is great!



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