Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Making Makeup Multi-task

I never, never thought I would become one of "those moms" that doesn't take time for simple things....fixing hair, putting on makeup, SHOWERING....and I'm still determined to put out the effort, but time is a premium commodity these days! And as I'm getting older (What?! How did THAT happen?), I have found that my skin is really, truly, and rapidly changing. I never used to need liquid foundation, and I absolutely hated how it left a kind of film on my skin, but my powder foundation just wasn't giving me good coverage anymore. Enter tinted moisturizer.....
Tinted moisturizers have been available in high-end cosmetics for quite a while, but for some reason the discount brands have been slow to catch on. Earlier this year, I ordered a tinted moisturizer from Stila (they were offering a ridiculous discount at the time), but it unfortunately was too light, so I'm saving it for winter when what little summer color I have is gone. I started looking around for a (far) less expensive option, and found that Neutrogena has just begun to offer a tinted moisturizer, and as it turns out, I really, really like it!
The good thing about it is that 1) it is (obviously) a moisturizer, and my skin is like Death Valley, 2) it offers sheer (read -- not mask-y) coverage, 3) it has an SPF of 20....very necessary these days, as skin cancer has become a young woman's disease, and 4) it contains retinols, which aid in anti-aging. So if I just need to run to the grocery store, I can smooth a little on, throw on some mascara, and I don't look like a hag who spent a sleepless night holding a baby! Bonus!

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