Monday, September 14, 2009

A Poor Man's Salt Scrub

One of my magazines this month featured an article on models' beauty secrets...some of them are (naturally) pricey, but this one caught my eye:
One model says she makes a paste from kosher salt and honey and uses it as an exfoliater. I thought I could try it since I have the makings in my cabinet. It really does work nicely, and I thought it was a novel idea until I remembered that a few years ago salt scrubs were all the rage and every skin care line put one out. I don't remember seeing any recently....I guess like all fads it faded out. Still, it's a good idea, and I feel like it's left my skin very glowy. One tip: it helps to wet your hands with water before scrubbing, otherwise it feels like the skin is peeling off of your face. But maybe that's the price of beauty; my skin felt very soft afterwards, and my bank account remained mercifully undented.

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