Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shower Curtain Instructions

First of all, if anyone tells you that something is "easy," spit in their eye and walk away. ;)

It's not that the shower curtain was super-hard to make, it's just that there was a lot of Math involved. And I'm an English major. For a reason.

The person who wrote these instructions said that 5 yards of fabric were needed, so get 6 just to be on the safe side. I'm working within a budget, so I intended to only buy 5. Then when I got to Joann Fabrics to buy the fabric that I had been lusting over for weeks, there were only 4 1/2 yards on the bolt. They had more of the warehouse....which would take 2-4 weeks to arrive.

I only have the weekend to finish the curtain.

So I went with plan B, which was a brighter green that I "really" wanted, and only bought 5 yards. After I got all the edges hemmed "just so," I had waaaaaayyyyyy too many inches left on each side.


But I didn't. So let's not look back.

I'm posting the instructions now, and hopefully in a few weeks, when we're in the new house, I can post the pics of the curtain/bathroom.

All-in-all, now that I know how to make a shower curtain, I doubt I would ever purchase one again. Not when it's possible to make one that's just perfect for the room.


  1. Seriously laughed OUT LOUD at your first sentence.

  2. Another creation acomplished!!
    Hint: flat sheets make great shower curtains too...just add the button holes.

  3. I was going to buy a shower curtain for the house we're house-sitting while it's up for sell. I'm so glad I read your blog, as I have tons of tubs in the garage with lots of material I can use to make one. Thanks for your great ideas. We're in limbo between selling our house and buying a new one too. The waiting is a killer!


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