Monday, December 20, 2010

Giving my Little Darlin' a big girl room!

In our last house, our daughter's room was literally 8 X 9. And that included the closet, which was jutted out into the room, as opposed to being set in the wall. She had no space, bless her heart! Her room was painted yellow, with bamboo flooring that was kind of yellow-ish in hue, and decorated with gerbera daisies (LOVE a gerbera daisy...anytime, anyplace).

But going to a new place means a fresh start. I decided on a color scheme of baby blue with hot pink and yellow accents. Apparently this offended some people...I was asked why I didn't let her pick out her own colors for her room. One person even went so far as to ask me if I believe I have better taste than her.

Ummmmmm......yes, I do. She's 3. The other day she put on pink flowered pants with a red shirt (part of me was proud because she chose to wear a St. Louis Cardinals shirt....but still, not with pink flowered pants).


First, I took a mirror that I bought at a yard sale for $1 (it had previously been gold, and I painted it white) and repainted it in Krylon's "Watermelon." Then I printed off a series of silhouettes from the Graphics Fairy's blog on scrapbook paper, and "matted" them on coordinating scrapbook paper. I took the white Ikea frames that had been in her room before and covered them in German glass glitter so they would sparkle.

Voila, new room!!!

(And by the way.....she loves it!!!!)

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  1. WHo cares what anyone thinks u did a beautiful job and it's filled with lots if love


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