Thursday, September 27, 2012

How I Decorated My Front Door

When my husband and I got married, one of our priorities from the outset was that people would always feel welcome in our home. I really do think that when they walk up to our door, they'll be able to tell right away if our home is a peaceful and welcoming one.

I was poking around online, and saw a really cute door decorated with rainboots. Well, since we live in Texas, we only dream about rain. (Really...I dream about it. And pray for it regularly.) And I may not have (or need) rainboots, but cowboy boots...we have those!

These are little toddler boys' Justins. They do not currently fit my toddler, so they were up for grabs. Ok, so everything is up for grabs in this house. Anyway, they are filled with a mix of silk and real flowers and foliage....just what I happened to have on-hand.

Anytime you see something that appeals to you, don't let your first thought be, "Oh, I could never....." Look around you and see what is available to YOU. You may just surprise yourself with your creativity and talent.

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