Thursday, October 18, 2012

How I Wore One Dress Three Ways

Well, it certainly does look like the tan I worked so hard on all summer is already gone!! Sheesh! My legs always take the longest to tan, and the tan disappears there first.

Dress: $7.99 (Ross)
Shoes: Already had (Nine West)

Dress: $7.99 (Ross)
Jacket: Already had (NY&Co.)
Scarf: Already had (F21)
Cowboy boots: Already had (Yard sale find)

Military jackets are supposed to big for fall, so this is my attempt to get in on that trend.

Dress: $7.99 (Ross)
Jacket: Hand-me-down (Delia's).
Belt: Came with a skirt (Rue 21)
Boots: Already had (JC Penney)


  1. Way to be versatile! Love the cowboy boots look - what a great yard sale find!!


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