Friday, November 2, 2012

How I Wore 1 Dress 3 Ways (Or Having a 5-Year-Old Cameraman is a Challenge)

I bought this dress on clearance at Target for around $6 when I was pregnant with #4. I think I bought quite a few things for after she was born while I was pregnant with her...I think it was because I kept looking forward to no longer being pregnant. Don't get me wrong. I love, love, LOVE having my babies, but my pregnancies are tough (sickness, bedrest, pre-term labor, hospitalizations, weekly injections to keep baby in long enough to live, and always that terrifying thought that I might not be able to keep him/her inside looming overhead). I think pregnancy is a dirty trick, in a way...and those women who say, "I LOVE being pregnant! I never felt more beautiful!" ??? I want to push them down. I think penguins have the right idea...lay an egg, hand it over to the hubs, and say, "So long, honey! I'm headed to the ocean TO EAT MYSELF SILLY for the next nine months!"

Anyway, back to the dress. Usually I wear it with bronze-ish peep-toes and a big silver necklace. I don't know why I didn't put them on this particular day. Maybe my camera operator was telling me to get a move on.

Dress: $6 (Target)
Blazer: $3.99 (Thrifted)
Tights: Already had
Shoes: Already had (Kohl's)

Dress: $6 (Target)

Black l/s tee: Already had (F21)
Tights: Already had
Boots: $30 (Kohl's)
Scarf: Already had (F21)

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