Monday, August 24, 2009

It Only Takes a Minute... do your nails! Here's what's (still) hot for fall:

1. DARK.....if you're not comfortable with black, there are plenty of navies and purples out that will give you the same basic look without crossing into goth territory....not like we're really afraid of that, though, right? :P

2.'s popular again to rock that retro '40's look, and few things accomplish that more effectively than red polish (have you seen the original version of The Women? The old black-and-white has "Jungle Red" manicures at the center of the's amazing how many stereotypes are connected to the color).

3. BRIGHTS....they were hot for summer, and bright nails help transition into fall.

4. NEUTRALS....always a good stand-by, neutrals don't show chips as quickly, so you can stretch your manicure out a bit further without as much maintenance.

Just remember to keep your nails filed on the shorter side, and this little step will keep you modern this season!

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