Monday, August 31, 2009

Making Food Prep Easier

When my husband and I were getting married and began registering for gifts, I was "in charge" of registering for kitchen supplies....until he laid his eyes on a stick (immersion) blender. I thought he was being silly, but I "let" him register for it anyway, thinking that no one would buy it and if they did, we could just return it. I thought it would never be used in MY kitchen.
Boy, was I wrong.
As it turns out, we use that blender for everything! I already mentioned that I use it to make salsa, but the other day I used it to make a graham cracker crust....we make smoothies, whipped cream, etc. And my husband makes the world's best (ABSOLUTELY best, hands-down) shakes and malts with it (another money-saving tip...going out for ice cream can be so expensive, but it's a special day when Daddy makes milkshakes in our we make memories AND save money...everybody wins!).
I probably use my blender at least every other day, and sometimes more often. Clean-up is much quicker than with a conventional blender; and I think we're all looking for speed these days!

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