Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What I Wore (Or Life Has Gotten Crazy-Busy!!)

Top: $17 (JC Penney)
Skirt: $9 (Kohls)
Necklace: $3.90 (Body Shop)

Top: $2.47 (Old Navy)
Pants: $10 (NY&Co.)
Shoes: Already had (Charlotte Russe)
There was a coupon in one of my magazines (I think it was Lucky) for NY&Co....buy any pair of pants for $10. It was a hard decision between these white crops and a pair of dressy black crops that fit me perfectly; but I figured that spring was coming and I'd wear the white over and over (and I didn't really wear that much black this winter, it turns out!), so they won out. I'm still searching magazines for another $10 coupon, though...I WILL go back for those black crops! :)


  1. I got the same coupon!! You have such great bargins and look so great! Looks like a beautiful sunny day!

    1. We have been having such wonderful weather!!! Spring fever has hit big time, haha!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love both outfits but the top one is super great!
    i love the shade of the top!

    visiting from the pleated poppy!

    come visit :)


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